Buy Tamoxifen for Breast Cancer Treatment and Prevention

Tamoxifen citrate is a well-known medication that can block the effects of estrogen, the female hormone, in the body.  For over 30 years, physicians have recommended their patients to buy tamoxifen for use against breast cancer cells, especially those cells or tumors that are fueled by estrogen.  Tamoxifen is the first ever SERM (selective estrogen receptor modulator) to be deemed as safe and approved by the FDA for the treatment and prevention of breast cancer in women.

How Tamoxifen Works

Tamoxifen citrate is mainly used for the prevention of breast cancer in females, especially for those who have absolutely no history of breast cancer yet.  Physicians prescribe their patients to buy tamoxifen as this medicine significantly lowers the risk of breast cancer development in 2 ways:

One: Tamoxifen effectively blocks the activity of estrogen on cancer cells that are estrogen-sensitive.

Two: Tamoxifen effectively blocks estrogen from acting on cells that are non-cancerous.  When a patient is instructed to buy tamoxifen and she undergoes treatment, it stops the division and growth of her healthy breast cells.  In this way, it also lowers the number of her cells present that may have cancer-causing properties within.

What are the circumstances for one to buy tamoxifen?

If you are asked to buy tamoxifen by your doctor, the different reasons may include one or more of the following:

  • After surgery or radiation, a patient can be asked to buy tamoxifen and use it for the treatment of early stage, advanced or invasive breast cancer.
  • After surgery and radiation, female patients are recommended to buy tamoxifen for the treatment of their DCIS or ductal carcinoma in situ.
  • Some women buy tamoxifen for treatment of cancer in a single breast in order to lower the risk of getting cancer in the other breast
  • You can simply buy tamoxifen to stimulate ovulation inside the body.
  • Women with invasive breast cancer are instructed to buy tamoxifen to prevent the cancer from reoccurring and spreading again.
  • Female patients with other types of cancers such as uterine cancer, brain tumors, ovarian cancer, and melanoma are also advised to buy tamoxifen to help them with their cancer-related problems.
  • Some women are advised to buy tamoxifen for preventing and treating cancers that test positive for ER+ (estrogen receptors).

Results of Tamoxifen Usage

Research conducted on over 13,000 individuals revealed that women who are at high risk for getting breast cancer, are funded to buy tamoxifen and used them for 5 years had developed fewer breast cancer cells than women who got a placebo for 5 years.  A more recent research suggested that women who buy tamoxifen and take it for a span of 10 years lowers the risk of developing breast cancer even further.

Another research sponsored by the National Cancer Institute showed about a significant 50% reduction in the occurrence of breast cancer among high-risk women who were advised to buy tamoxifen and use it for a specified timeframe. The same research also revealed that women who buy tamoxifen and use it continuously had significantly reduced the incidences of developing osteoporosis or getting bone fractures of the wrist, hip and spine by about 30% among the participants.